Sunday, July 12, 2009


Today was another good day for getting a few things done around here. We went and bought some plants this morning and planted our triangle garden (on our driveway) with some flowers. They look nice, lets just hope they survive, I haven't had much luck with that little garden so far.

We also planted a row of strawberry plants in our vegetable garden. All the veges from last week are still OK so that is a good start there. We don't know if we have planted our strawberries in time to get fruit this season but we will see.

As always I had the camera out and about with me today, below is a photo I just like of our Lemongrass (which smells divine in the vege garden). Just thought I would share it.

And of course I couldn't be down at the paddock without some photos of our new baby cow. She is still so cute, and it is hard to think that she is only 5 days old.

The day finished off with watering in our new plants, the kids playing so nicely together in the sandpit and me baking some really delicious scones to use up the buttermilk I had in the fridge.
Hope you had a great Sunday too! Lucky all us teachers, back to work tomorrow!

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