Monday, July 20, 2009

Day in the city

I have to say that I have been a very slack blogger this last week, so I apologise. It has been a crazy week, I worked every day bar Tuesday due to Pupil Free and just had no time for anything. My sewing machine has not been touched all week. I am itching to finish my fabric hopscotch project but just haven't had the time. Anyway...I am back...

Yesterday we had an excursion to the city for Joey Scouts. Nathan is working towards his adventurer badge. We started off by catching the train to the city, getting off at South bank and spending some time at the museum. I actually got some half decent photos of Nathan so you can imagine how glad I was with that. Emma really loved the museum, she is obviously at that age now (4, nearly 5) when she can appreciate it.

After our museum visit we walked over the South bank and had lunch. Then we hopped on the City Cat and went for a ride up the river where we got off at New Farm Park for a play.

While the kids climbed trees Anthony and I thought we would have a go at taking photos of ourselves (How else do you get photos of both adults?). I'm sure people thought we were odd!
Then we caught the City Cat back to Riverside where we hopped off and walked back to Central Station to catch the train home. It was a fabulous day, the kids really enjoyed it and so did we. Wallaby (Nathan's joey scout leader) did a fabulous job organising it all so thanks Wallaby!
I am really hoping to be back soon (as in tomorrow or so) with some sewing completed. I have a big pile of material sitting on my scrap room couch just waiting to be sewn up!
Have a wonderful week everyone, Suzy I hope you are having a wonderful time on long service.


  1. Hey Deb,
    am having a fabulous time- going out for coffee and cake every day after dropping boys off at school, have done a scrapbook class (1st one ever) am baking and just enjoying some me time. I have been checking your blog every day however!!!!
    Take care

  2. Glad to see you back, was getting worried!! Hope next week is a little slower for you!

  3. I've been slack too this week. First week is always hectic and without my lovely Peta I've had no time to do anything but work!!


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