Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I just thought I would share a few things that I have made as last minute things over the last couple of days for our market stall for cancer. If anyone would like to come along and buy something it is at Wamuran (you will see it on the main road) at the old schoolhouse and Wam hall. It is at the Q150 celebrations which start at 8am and the stalls pack up at 5pm although there is dinner etc til late. We would love to see any friendly face.

Lolly Tins (with Minties inside)

Boo Boo Bags (for injured little people)
Heat packs (for aches and pains)

Butterfly Lollypops! (these are waiting for their antenae to be put on)

And of course Emma with a lollypop (Emma is not however for sale!)

Have a great end of the week, I am off to work for the rest of it and then holidays! Hooray!!!

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