Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wet bags

I was checking out some blogs this last night when I saw a tutorial for this wet bag here. I thought to myself, what a great idea. Perfect for when you go to the beach and have kids wet swimmers to bring home, swimming lessons, and even for accidents when your littlies are toilet training. I mainly thought they were great for our trips up the beach and for our holidays. We always seem to swim right up until we have to leave and always end up with wet swimmers in our luggage wrapped in plastic bags. Well, no more I have made these two wet bags and I am going to make some more. I think I will make some bags without the plastic lining for my trips away to put my worn underwear in. I hate having to put worn underwear back in the suitcase so I am going to have these for that too. I have to say the first one I made was not easy, the plastic lining sticks to the sewing machine and it is hard to get it to move along as you sew, so I had a lot of swearing going on, a lot of unpicking as I sewed the plastic the wrong way 3 times and a broken sewing machine needle. But I was happy with what I ended up with so I went ahead and made another. That one was much easier with no unpicking! Below are a few photos of the bags and one showing you the inside. I was worried about using clear plastic because you can see the sewing inside but you actually can't really see it so I like it alot, it has a nice clean finish. I also really love these fabrics, they are my favourite from my stash right now.

Sorry the photos are not great quality the lighting in my scrap room is terrible at night.

Have a Happy Mother's Day all you amazing mothers out there!

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