Sunday, May 10, 2009

Celebrating Mother's Day

I had a lovely morning today to kick of Mother's Day. I got to sleep in and then when I woke up my kids and wonderful husband made me breakfast in bed, my favourite, soft boiled eggs and soldiers. YUM! Emma did ask however why I was eating my breakfast in bed! Just shows that that doesn't usually happen in my house.

I also got my little treats, handmade goodies from Nathan, rocky road that he made at Wooshc, a little box of rocky road, apricot balls and lollies from Joey scouts and jam drop biscuits from school. I think he also bought me a couple of plants from the Mother's Day stall but left them at school. I got a couple of cards off him too.

Emma gave me a little decorated brown paper bag with a pink net sponge inside as well as a picture of her which was decorated and a collaged card.

I am getting small prints also, but that is waiting until next week. I think they actually take about a month to be ready once you order them. I am very excited about that.

Below is just a picture of a card I made Anthony's mum for the day. I really like it, I think I am going to make some more with the same layout.

I hope everyone reading this who is a mother is having a wonderful day too.

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