Monday, May 25, 2009

Passports are a rip off!

Today Anthony and I went and renewed our passports. They actually don't expire until January next year but when we travel in September we can't use them because you can only travel if you passport has at least 6 months validity left. But I couldn't renew them just before we go because the cruise line won't issue us any tickets until our passports are registered with them. So why do they say that they are valid for 10 years? They really aren't they are only valid for 9.5 years. It makes me really annoyed!

On a happier note I made another tote tonight, will post photos tomorrow because the light is bad in my scrap room at night. I am now about to go and watch Desperate Housewives and sew some little wet bags (for those little accidents while out, by Emma of course, not me!). One to keep in her preschool bag, one for the car and one for my bag. They are also handy because you can keep a spare pair of undies in there for when you need them.

Better go before all the good stuff happens and I miss it!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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