Thursday, April 2, 2009

Too Cute!

I just had to post these today. They are my new home socks for the winter season. I think they are adorable! I also bought a stripey pair that have bunnies on them. I have been wearing these since I got home and they are so comfy and warm I can tell I am going to love them when the cold weather hits and my feet have to touch the tiles.

Emma really loved them too, here she is holding my feet because she had to have a photo. Then when I had a shower and took them off for a minute she had them on. I will have to look for some kids ones.

My suitcase is packed, the baking is done and now I just have to pack my scrapping gear and I will be on my way. That could take hours so I shouldn't brag about being almost ready, I am happy that I have done this much though.

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