Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some new goodies

I went for visit to Spotlight yesterday to have a sticky beak and came across a selection of Thickers. Most of you know they are hard to get so if you are after any, head to Spotlight. I stocked up on my skinny alphabets in green, black and pink which I use all the time and I got a new one, orange jelly alphabets. They also had really nice glitter alphabets but I had already spent enough money on these. Now I just have to scrap something!

And I also bought some new material. It was actually the reason I went in the first place. I got three of these off the clearance table. I bought the purple polar fleece to make Emma a little bunny for Easter and I bought the others to mix and match a little chicken I am making her also. I thought the yellow and purple would make nice bunnies too. I don't know how any of them will turn out but I am going to give them a go. I will post when I have made them. I really want to start making some little things for Emma, I am very inspired by Melissa Godsell and her blog, you should check it out if you haven't already. She has some good tutorial links on there too.

Have a good end of the week everyone.

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