Friday, March 6, 2009

Quirky Chicken!

I made Emma this cute little chicken for Easter over the last couple of days. It is quirky and cute. It didn't take me long to make although I made the wings 3 times because I kept getting them wrong, and the baby chick is my second attempt because he was small and tricky. All in all I was quite proud of my efforts, sewing is not something I have done a lot of. The baby chick sits inside the egg in the mother chickens pocket. I used the bazzil sewing templates to sew the chick on the egg.

When my children have birthdays, Xmas and Easter etc. I want to try to make them something from the heart. I enjoy doing it so I figure I should. So this is the start, Emma's Easter Chicken, I am just about finished a bunny I have made her as well.
I do have a problem though, What can I make Nathan? He will want something that was made too, I know it but I don't want to make him something girly. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment I would appreciate any.
Have a great Friday night!

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