Saturday, February 14, 2009

My little tough guy

I was going through Suzanne's wedding photos last week to rediscover this one of Nathan. I just love it, it is one of those photos that just captures the moment. So I printed it off, went to Blossies and scrapped it. I got the inspiration from the Blossies Blog.

From now on I am going to focus on using up my old embellishments, recycling things to use and work on cutting out embellishments (I cut out the flourish). I am a terrible cutter so that will take work. All in all I was happy with it, the colours are much nicer in person and at least I scrapped something since work started!

I used my cheap $3 pretend thickers for the title, Tim Holtz tickets to journal on, a leftover passport collection paperclip and a tag we got in our pack from Making Memories at the show last year (I didn't use a tag maker though, just my fingers). I know I should have put twine in the button but glued it down before realising.

Nathan's soccer still went ahead this morning even with the rain, they just put them in teams etc. Nathan is in the Frogs along with other boys in his class at school so he is happy. Lucky for me because it was raining Anthony was home and took him for me. I wonder if that's my Valentines Day present (lol)?

Have a great wet weekend everyone!

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