Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008!

We have enjoyed our festive activities over the last couple of days. Yesterday saw us busy getting ready for Santa, we made Santas plate together, each getting to choose what we wanted to go on it and Anthony getting to choose the drink.

We also spread our reindeer food over the lawn so that the reindeer could easily find our house in the dark. This is one of my favourite Christmas activities, the kids really love it and truly believe that it leads the reindeers to our house.
Then bedtime came, well at 1am Nathan was still awake so excited about Santa he could hardly control himself and so because he was awake so was I, until 1.30am! When i finally thought it was safe to deliver presents and snack on Santa's plate. Little did I know that Nathan would be back up at 4.30am!!
The kids were so happy and excited with their presents, I just love to watch it. They opened them in what seemed like 2 seconds flat! Then we had family presents, I was so excited to open my family present, which was the complete box set for Sex in the City. All 6 series and a bonus dvd. I have managed to watch the first 3 episodes so far, they are fantastic! I am hoping to pick up the movie at the sales tomorrow.
Anyway, after a full day of eating, being merry and having family time I, and the rest of us are exhausted!
Toni, I hope you had a wonderful birthday and got plenty of special presents! Happy Birthday.
Merry Christmas everyone for another year.

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