Saturday, January 5, 2013

Catching up with friends and what I made them...

A few days before Christmas the kids and I headed off to see my good friends and their kids for our annual Christmas get together.  The kids always have a great time playing together and we chat and catch up after what is usually a really busy term for all of us. 

This year I remembered to get a photo of us.

We always give each other a hand made present for Christmas and we always do a secret santa for the kids.  These are all our presents waiting for us under the tree.

We do different things for the kids each year and this year decided that their gift did not have to be handmade (due to our lack of time) but each child had to get a minimum of 3 small gifts; one to eat, one for school and one to play with.  They all had to fit into a shoe box.  All the kids were really wrapped with their presents this year.  Here is Nathan and Emma with theirs.

And the other kids too.

As my special present for my favourite friends I made them each a little wall hanging which I appliquéd and embroidered.

And I paired it with a little bird Christmas decoration for their tree which I made out of felt.


They were pretty cute!  It's always such a pleasure to make things when it is for people who you know will love what you create.


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