Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Trying to make things easier...

I have said before that I absolutely love Pinterest and do my best to not just 'pin' but to make as well.  When we knew that my sister was having a baby I kept my eye out for little things for her or bub.  

One idea that I thought was great (and I wish I had of had) was found on Pinterest, a Hospital Survival Kit.  Full of all those things you don't realise you might want or need until it is too late.  This is the idea I used and the printables I used too.  Link Here.

For my own survival kit for Suzanne I started with this.

A paper bag (I used one I had already to save buying another one) and the printed out labels.  I used the pink labels because we knew Suzanne was going to have a girl.

 And these were things I collected to fill it with.  A parenting magazine, lip balm, antibacterial spray, tissues, facial cleansing wipes, chocolates, savoury biscuits and muesli bars.

I used my own experience of having babies and being in hospital to guide what I put in the bag. 

Below is what it looked like when I had put it together.

It was well received by Suey, which was great.

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