Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another week in London...

When we got back from Paris we had another week in London.  We had lots to do as usual.

We picked up our wheels which we kept until the end of our trip.

We went for a drive and then a walk up at a place called Shooters Hill.  There is a castle there that is not in use anymore and the gardens are gorgeous.

Evelyn looking as cute as ever.

Kelly and Evelyn.

The castle

A little cottage among the gardens

We spent a full day (I mean a really full day) in London this week as well.  We waited for my cousin Linda outside this shop, this dangerously delicious shop.  The cakes in here are to die for.  I caved and got myself and the kids a couple of chocolate croissants to share, yum!

Then we all went to the British Museum for a look at the Egyptian section.  The museum is amazing, there is so much to see there but we chose to just stick to the mummies.  They are an amazing sight all on their own! 

This hippo was just too cute!

After the museum we all walked to Covent Garden where we went to Jamie's Italian restaurant for a late lunch/early dinner.

The food was extra yummy here, we all had 3 courses and enjoyed every mouthful. 
This photo is Nathan looking at the kids menu in the restaurant.  What a great idea.  I had to have a good look at it too.

Me with my cousins, Kelly and Linda.

After dinner we said goodbye to Kelly and Linda and headed just up the road for Emma's special surprise, Mamma Mia!  Emma and I saw the show and we loved every minute of it. It was so cute to see Emma on the edge of her seat singing along to all the songs.

Another full London day saw us see some tourist stuff.  We started with Madame Tussauds.

Photo with Harry Potter himself.

We had to line up for a while to get our photo with Jack Sparrow.

A pose with Michael.

And the Pope.

I really liked the Obama display/set up whatever you call it really.

We also squeezed in a visit to Harrods this day.

What gorgeous cakes you say?  Don't be too tempted, they are for the four legged friends in your life.  Yep they had a patisserie for dogs.

These cakes are for the dogs too.

This is the Dodi and Dianna memorial in Harrods, around the bottom is says 'Innocent Victims'.

This photo is just randomly in here, it's one of the long, long escalators you have to go on to get down to the tube.  I think I am already a way down because it took me that long to get the camera going.

We went on the London Eye, it was a grey day but we still got to see everything clearly enough.

This was outside a shop so we had to have photos.

We went for a day out at Colchester Zoo with Kelly and Evelyn.

This monkey was so cute, he was very curious about Emma.

The kids fed the elephants.  I do have to say that they are not as nice as our Elephants at Australia Zoo but I think we are a bit spoilt having such a great zoo so close.

And after that we started our next adventure in Cornwall.  

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