Saturday, June 4, 2011

Owl goodness

I am lucky to have a sister that loves to travel as much as me, so when she goes off on her adventures I always give her instructions to look for some owls.  Her last trip to Bali saw her come home with a whole family of owls for me, squeal with delight.  They are so cute...

Now I just have to find them a place to live.  Thank you Suey, I love my owls!

I also thought I would use today to catch up on some 'had to get done' sewing projects.  I sewed Nathan a heat pack to warm his bed up at night which he has been waiting on all week.  And I wanted to ensure that during our travels our Ipods are well protected so I sewed up an Ipod cover for everyone.  They are just waiting for buttons now.  I sewed them without the fancy frills and pockets, I am figuring I appreciate the cuteness but does Emma?  Probably not.

It is an absolutely gorgeous afternoon at our house so I thought I would share what it looks like from our front porch.  I love where I live.

Have a great weekend.

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