Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Story...Nate and his hand

Well, you see last year Nathan had a fall and hurt his leg.  It was Christmas time and we did the usual school holiday stuff, went to Wet n Wild, went camping etc etc.  Three weeks later I leaned on Nathan's leg one day to wake him up when he screamed out in pain.  I thought that that was not right so we we headed to the doctor only to be told that his leg was in fact broken and had been for over 3 weeks.  

That was a very BAD MOTHER MOMENT!

So yesterday when school called and said he had hurt his hand I picked him up and when he was still complaining about it at dinner time I thought I should get it checked out to avoid another Bad Mother Moment in my life.  

We sat at the hospital for 5 hours to finally be told it was broken.  He was so brave, they put a local in his hand wriggling the needle all around to numb the whole area.  All Nate did was close his eyes and squeeze my hand.  Then they manipulated the bones back into place and put on a plaster.

Now we have to go to the fracture clinic.  He might have to have the bones put back into place again as they have slipped out a bit.  Anthony is taking him thank goodness because last time I was at the fracture clinic I almost passed out...I am so not good with stuff like that.

So, that's the story of Nathan and his broken hand.  

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  1. Oh Deb! So aweful for you! I guess boys are prone to these things though! Hope things went well at the fracture clinic today. xxx Kristie.


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