Saturday, January 1, 2011

Luggage Tags...

I've been wanting to make my own luggage tags for ages now, so when a lovely girl and her mum from my class gave me some fabric for Christmas I decided that the day had come.  So I made them, they took me a whole hour to make (don't know why I couldn't of done that a year ago!) and I am really happy with them.  Let's hope they withstand the treatment when we travel now. 

They have plastic sewn on one side and I have made cardboard tags that have our details and slide into that part.  I did think about sewing them closed but changed my mind, I think the card will stay inside, well I hope it does.

I got the tutorial for these from here, I think I might make another one for my carry on luggage too.

I have some other quick projects to make and this weather seems like the perfect weather for sewing!  I wonder if it will ever stop raining?

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