Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lego & Emma do not really go together...

Because if you know my Emma you would know that she is a messy messy girl! And Lego has lots of little bits and pieces so I made her this.

A Lego sack.  I got this idea from Suzy, so thanks Suz, because she made Nathan one for Christmas.  Now Emma just has to open her sack up on the floor to play Lego and then pull on the cord to pull it up to hold it all nicely in place again.  I'm liking it! 

This would be great for any toys, I'm going to make one for my new cousin in the UK for when I visit, I think if you had a little one you could just put their toys in the sack and open it up wherever you are and they can lay on it and play and then just pull the string and be on your way. 


  1. They are a fantastic idea Deb...I made one for my nephew 4 yrs ago when we gave him his first set of lego. I also was asked to make 3 last year for one of the ladies at work, she gave them to her grand kids.

    They certainly save time on tidying up!!! I love the colour of Emma's....very pretty.

  2. Anytime you need sewing ideas just ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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