Sunday, January 2, 2011

Australia Zoo (Part 1)

We had a day at Australia Zoo on the last day of the year, the last day that we could use our pass.  I have to say that I love the zoo and each year we buy the pass in August to use until the end of the year but to visit the zoo any other time is just way too expensive. 
So we generally only go in the months from August to December.

We had a really great time the other day, the weather was gorgeous and although there were a lot of people, the zoo never seems crowded because it is so big. 

I took the big camera along and the kids wanted photo after photo so I was in heaven and got some nice photos too!  There are stacks of photos that I would like to share so I am going to do it in 2 parts, this being part 1.

 Emma's favourite animal at the zoo is the Komodo Dragon, be wasn't in his case so this is the guy next door.

 These camels were having a walk and a snack on the grass, how sweet!

 With a Blue Tongue Lizard.

 And a cockatoo.

 The kangaroos in this enclosure were all females with joeys.  This little guy was so so cute, his head was sticking out as well as his feet!

Nathan loved patting the kangaroos this visit while Emma sat on the footpath (photo below), head in hands saying "Can we please get out of here, this is just freaking me out!".  I don't like the kangaroos and I don't think Emma is that fond of them either.

More tomorrow!

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