Friday, November 5, 2010

I know I am slack...

BUT, I am here now blogging about my gorgeous Emma's birthday which was on Monday.

 She was absolutely delighted with her present...a DS!  And she loved her tutu too, as you can see by the many photos we had to have of her in it!

We didn't want to leave Nathan out of too much action...

Emma's wish for her birthday was to have sparklers and an ice-cream cake because that is what Nathan had for his birthday.  BUT, Emma is petrified of sparklers!!!  I thought she might be over this but below tells a different story...we just had screaming (lucky we have no neighbours close by and tears)

Nathan had a great time though.. (don't even ask what he is doing, I have no idea!)

Emma was fine when we gave up on the sparklers and went inside for her cake.  That is until Anthony thought he would scare her, pretending he had a sparkler! We then had tears again, and as you can see it ruined all of our cake photos...

The cake was super yummy Freddo frog ice cream cake!  And we finished the night off with her brand new book - The Princess and the Pea.

Emma had a really great day (apart from the sparkler part of it!)

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