Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mud Glorious Mud!

Something new in Fiji that we haven't done on our previous visits are the mud baths.  Well, I wouldn't really call them mud baths, more like mud dams (or holes in ground).  Anyway we went for a visit and had a great time.  First you get into this mud pool (the water is nice and warm).  It is a bit freaky getting in as all the mud underfoot squelches between your toes and you sink up to your knees in it.

And then you smother yourself in mud

Until you look like this...

(We look a bit strange because the mud is half dry and half wet)

Then you get out of the pool and let your mud dry...when dry you get back into the mud pool and wash off.  Then you head to this natural hot spring for a nice soak.

This was just like having a bath outside, no mud underfoot and nice hot water.

Not a flash mud baths to visit but very Fijian which is what we love about the place!

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