Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rain rain go away...and some craft

I would like to know when is it going to stop raining?  Is anyone else sick of it?  It is now beyond a joke and time to move on I say. 

Nathan has gone to Zoo keeper for a day today at Australia Zoo, I hope he has a fabulous time, I will share when he returns.

I took him to the zoo and then felt the need to go to Spotlight today.  I actually really did have to go to get a part for the clock in the caravan.  Anyway I discovered a learn to crochet booklet there and a gorgeous little knitted creatures book.  So I had to get them along with some wool and crochet hooks and new sized knitting needles.  Can't wait to have a go at them.  The book is aimed at children so I think I will be able to actually knit what is in there (I think if I can't I should give up knitting!). This is the book:

I also thought I should organise some crafty things for the kids to do while camping so I bought some googly eyes etc.  I have organised that they can make pet rocks, make some pom pom animals and I bought some bubbles.  That goes with the basic board games, cards etc.  Have you got any good ideas to take camping for keeping kids amused?  I would love to hear any that you have.

Yes, you heard correctly tomorrow we are going camping, our first ever trip.  We'll see how we go.  Another reason I would love it to stop raining just for a little while.  I will be back when we return with our camping stories.

Have a great end of the week everyone.


  1. Lots and lots of wine, beer and strongbows!!!!!!!

  2. Good friends to share your camping experience! As I have shared with Toni, no matter what you pack, the kids tend to make their own fun (particularly when they have others to share with). Luke finds rocks and sticks and Emma socialises!!! Good to always pack colouring in/craft for rainy days though. Torches for nighttime spotlighting amd Walkie talkies would be good for the older kids too I think! Enjoy, Tanya

  3. Bikes, the boys always ride their bikes literally for hours. I'm with Toni and the alcohol-can never have enough!


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