Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New toy

I just had to share my excitement of my new toy that I got on Sunday. I have wanted a mix master for so long and because of my Embellish market stall I had made enough money on the weekend to buy one. It looks exactly like this. It is perfect for me and my needs and now I don't have to hold the old hand mixer. I discovered too on Monday that it makes cooking so much easier.

These are the orange shortbread cookies that I made using it to test it out. Very successful and all gone now!

Love my new purchase. I now have a new thing on layby to work towards with my Embellish profits. I'll share when I finally make enough to pay for it (which hopefully won't be long).

Oh, and I have to say sorry to lots of my blog friends as I haven't read a lot of your blogs for ages. I have just tonight worked out that blogger is not updating the blog list. I will check them each time I get on from now on if blogger says they are updated or not!

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