Friday, October 2, 2009

Tin Can Island (Tonga)

We had scenic cruising on one day of our cruise, past Tin Can Island. On this day they have a tradition. Long ago the people who lived on this island had no way to send or receive mail so they used to wrap it in greaseproof paper, seal it in a biscuit tin and send a strong swimmer with it out as far as they could swim where they would leave it and passing boats would collect it. The same happened vice versa. That was until one day the swimmer got eaten by a shark so they then started taking it out to see by dingy. They tried other things too, like shooting the mail from a canon but the mail caught on fire, so they stuck with the dingy idea. Hence the photos. On the ship you can post a letter to yourself or someone else via the tin can. They are wrapped in greaseproof paper and placed in these tins which are then hung on the side of the ship.

The locals from the island come out to the ship in their dingy and the tin can mail is lowered to them. They take it on board, life buoy as well.

They then take the mail back to the island where they now have a postal service (they have a little airport) and it is delivered back home (hopefully). We didn't post a letter as I was so busy having fun that I missed the deadline but it would of been interesting to see how long the letter took to get back to us.

It was really interesting to watch, we only just made it to the deck on time and I am glad we did.
On another note, I have not just been reliving my holiday this week lots has been happening around here too.
  • I actually scrap booked a layout this week
  • We went to Australia Zoo twice
  • Our house got a very big clean (outside) and our garage got emptied and cleaned too.
  • I started a new creative project, a knitted blanket, which is going nicely and I will share progress as I make it (totally inspired by Melissa Goodsell)
  • I caught up with my fabulous friends which was fun
  • I spent some time shopping too

Now holidays are just about over and it is time to get back to reality...... too soon!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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