Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tidy Again

This week I was in clean out mode, not cleaning doing my normal housework but sorting out. I went through my scrap room and threw all the old stuff I no longer use away and had a good clean up. I have been frustrated with my material for a while now, I usually put them in a basket and go through the basket when I want something but Toni gave me this idea so now I roll the fabric up and put it on the shelf so I can see what I have easily. I also thought I had no felt until I went through the basket and now I have a pile!
I'm working on a little sewn elephant for our stall and will post a photo of it on Embellish blog later tonight (maybe tomorrow) so keep an eye out he is gorgeous!

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  1. Deb, I envy your organisation skills!! I've been cleaning my own place and am now down to the last room in my house - my scrap room! Let's see how I go. I love the fabric idea! Did you see the PJ bag on Melissa Godsell's site? Have you received your mag yet?


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