Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I finished!

I finished my scarf and beanie off today. I am really happy with them although the beanie is a bit big. They are really really warm and they took me less than a week to make. I have a couple of balls of wool left over so I am making Emma a scarf too, I am making it half the width of mine and will stop knitting when it is long enough. Of course we all had to have our photo taken with them on as you can see below. Nathan took the photo of me (1st go too). He is such a good photographer for his age.

I have some more projects that I bought material for today, I really need to stay away from Spotlight!!! It costs me a fortune every time I go there. They won't get done until the weekend now as I start my working week.
Have a wonderful end of the week everyone!

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