Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Emma and our trip to Savala, Fiji.

While we were away in Fiji Emma celebrated her 10th birthday.  It was pretty exciting for her turning double digits and getting to be in Fiji too.  We started the day with balloons and presents.

Then we jumped on a boat and headed to a new island that we haven't visited before called 'Savala'.  It was lovely and small and the water was divine.  Emma was extra lucky because everyone on the boat sang happy birthday to her on the way over.

This is what the island looked like as we approached.

The water was clear and gorgeous and Emma had a ball trying out her new snorkelling kit.

Nathan and I collected shells and sorted them under our little umbrella.

And I had to share these photos of me and my boy because I love them.

As you can see in the photo below the sky when we left was grey and stormy and by the time we got back to the marina it was pouring down.  We had a great day though and a memorable birthday for our big 10 year old Emma.

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