Saturday, October 11, 2014

Whale watching...

I'm not really one to have a 'bucket list', it would be way too long! I want to see and do so many things it would be more like a book.  One of the things that would be there though is whale watching and a couple of weeks ago I got to go and tick that experience off.  

Nathan and I stayed at Hervey Bay while Emma was on Cuboree during the school holidays and one afternoon we boarded 'The Spirit of Hervey Bay' for our 4 hour cruise.  I have to say that it was AWESOME! I loved it, the whales came so close you could almost touch them and the size of them was jaw dropping.  I am really glad I went.  So here are some photos from our afternoon.

They were really playful and I loved when they rolled around and  their body was white under the water, it was really easy to see their shape.

Thinking of going whale watching?  Go. It's fun.  The boat we went on has a money back guarantee if you don't see whales, we got heaps of time out there with them and the afternoon tea was delicious.

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