Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hello & Cuboree for Emma...

Hello!  Is anybody still there?  I've missed my blog, I decided to focus on other things but sometimes things happen and I want to record them and without my blog there really isn't a way for me to do that. I know that I have family that live in far distant lands and others that we don't see often and they like to read what we are up to so hello again I hope you are still reading/checking in and haven't given up on me.

Last week we had a big event happen around here, Emma went off for Queensland Cuboree for cub scouts.  A whole 5 nights away for the very first time and a 2/12 hour drive away.  We had been anticipating camp for months as she prepared.  She came home a very happy camper which was a big sigh of relief for everyone.

She left early Sunday morning and she shed lots of tears as she said goodbye.  

Her first night away she got to celebrate her good friend's birthday with cake.  Not a bad start.

On her first full day she got to go whale watching and see whales and on her second day Nathan and I went for a visit.  We got to participate in lots of activities with her.  Juggling, magic, bubble blowing and panning for gold. 


She also got to do obstacle courses and craft and so much more.

I was so happy to see her having a great time it really is such a wonderful thing they get to experience.  It won't be long now until she leaves cubs and becomes a scout.  

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