Sunday, February 2, 2014

Christmas 2013… something a little different

Our Christmas was very different this year, we left home mid December for our holiday so we didn't have a tree or any decorations up at home.  

We were on a cruise over Christmas itself and with very limited space we were only able to have a little tree with a few presents.  Being overseas meant that presents had to be minimal and practical.

This is what our little tree looked like.

With just a few presents under it to open Christmas morning.

We left early Christmas morning to cruise the beautiful Halong Bay in Vietnam. It was really breathtaking.

When we got back at lunch time we had our present opening time.

Emma and I also went down to see Santa and get a present from him and the ship.

We celebrated Christmas really differently this year.  It wasn't a favourite Christmas as we love all the hype that goes with it at home and we missed that but it is always good to try something different.  We are looking forward to getting the tree up and celebrating at home next year.  

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