Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Little Bit of Pinterest Christmas…my favourite pins for the season

Thought I would share a bit of Christmas love today with some of my favourite pins from Pinterest for the holidays. 

I love this idea for spreading a little bit of happiness.  Link HERE

If your kids like to give candy canes to their friends, here is a super cute way to make them look more interesting.  Link HERE

The link for this snowman doesn't work although I got one of these off a friend last year and he is super super cute and really easy to make with just 2 socks!

Every year we make reindeer food and this year Emma is giving reindeer food to her friends with their Christmas cards instead of sweets.  This is the cutest and easiest way to present it.  Link HERE

Are you going looking at lights this year?  Here is a printable you can take for the kids to cross off.  A Christmas lights scavenger hunt - perfect for an advent calendar activity.  Link HERE

I often get stuck on gift ideas and I use this list all the time to help me.  They have all age groups at the link.  Link HERE

I've discovered that I have lots of favourite Christmas pins so I might be back with some more before Christmas arrives.  I hope you find these helpful. 

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