Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Little Sideklick Week 3...

We were super behind in our photo taking for Little Sideklick this last week.  We actually had a week break before the next chapter and it is a good job we did because I needed it to catch up!  

I found this week really hard to get a grasp on.  It tackled shutter speed and aperture, both manual settings we had to use and I just find them hard to get in my head.  So to make it easier for me and the kids (after I read the instructions over and over) we focused on aperture which I find a bit easier to understand.  Also the theme was watch and peek.  We all took photos of very similar things.  I took mine during the day while the kids were at school and they took theirs in the afternoon.  

A single bloom in my orchard

 Nathan took this one at the neighbours yard

Emma's was from our front garden.(I couldn't work out how to set Emma's little point and shoot camera onto a manual setting for aperture so her photo is shot in auto)

We talked a lot this week about depth of field.  I think we all captured it to different extents.  Emma has amazed me with her photography, when she is out taking photos she talks about all the things we have tackled so far, about the rule of thirds and framing your shot etc, it is nice to see she is taking it all in.

I'm not sure what our next chapter is...we'll have to wait and see.

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