Friday, March 1, 2013

A little more December Daily...

I thought I would pop in tonight to share a few more pages of my December Daily album.  You can read about my first few pages here.

6th - writing our letters to Santa

7th - receiving a reply from Santa (this actually did not happen this quickly but I was blank for this day so I slotted it in)

8th - I bought Nathan this tree that you grow (I got it in Overflow for $3).  It turned out to be very successful and Nathan loved it. I just used the packaging as part of my page.  Emma also watched our new Christmas movie with popcorn this day.

On the 9th Anthony and I went to witness my friend get married, it was a gorgeous morning, it needed a double spread,  I used the invite as the small page in between.

10th - Nathan said goodbye to his time in cub scouts.  It was a bit sad, he has spent a long time there. He wasn't leaving completely though, just moving up to be a scout.

December is such a super busy month, I am happy that I recorded it last year.  

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