Sunday, June 3, 2012

Where does the time go?

So much has been happening around here that the last few weeks have flown by.  We have spent the last couple of weekends at soccer with Nathan and this weekend was Emma and dancing on Sunday.

Lots of sewing has been happening here too, lots of it is still secret squirrel stuff for my girls weekend away swap but I thought I would share a glimpse today.

First of all some photos of Emma at dancing today.  They danced in pairs or small groups today at a very informal mid year concert.  Emma did a really great job and so did her dance partner Cindy.

They got ribbons for the dances they did so that was really nice.

Nathan was meant to be away this weekend for a scout kayaking camp but it was cancelled at the last minute due to the poor weather.  This week though I spent a lot of time unpicking and resewing badges for him.  He used to have a small scarf for his scouting badges but it was not very practical or useful for him so I bought him a polar fleece blanket that he can use as a camp blanket and reattached all the badges to it.  I embroidered his name for him too.  At least now he has something that will keep him warm and show his badges at the same time.

It will be perfect for when he heads off to Cuboree in a few weeks time. All the way to Rockhampton for 5 days with no Mum or Dad.

I am so happy to say that my swap pressies for our girl's weekend away are almost finished.  I can't show the final products complete just yet but I can show a sneak peak.


And today I packaged up some extra little surprises for some special people which they will get soon.

I have a simple but sweet project in the making using these gorgeous punches.

I really love embroidery and I have quite a collection of threads now but I have struggled to contain them in an orderly fashion for ages.  That was until I saw this idea on Hungry Hippie and decided to copy.  Now all my threads are nice and organised and not all in knots! 

And on a final note I have to say that Pinterest is taking over my life....well it definitely is taking over my blogging!  I love it, if you haven't joined yet, you should try it out, so many awesome ideas, so little time to make them... You can follow me on Pinterest with the link button on the sidebar.

I'm going to be back this week to share the rest of my cruise holiday photos, although it was so long ago now I feel like I need to finish what I started.  I'm a stickler for finishing things :)

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