Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trying to sew...and a little bit of soccer

I have been spending my time over that last few days trying to get some sewing done.  The trouble is I have a few projects on the go and cutting them out has taken me for ages.  I have sewn something though.  First of all this pile of 144 squares is a project I am working on for someone special.  I actually did manage to sew an x shape across all of these.

And I also managed to finish 2 easy skirts.  The first one somehow ended up way too short for it's recipient so I had to make a second one that was longer... not sure how that happened.  

And I also cut out another project for three special people (although I can't share it right now) but it was a lot of cutting!

I thought I would also share some photos from our recent trip to see the Brisbane Roar play the grand final in Brisbane.  We had an awesome afternoon.

It was even better when we won!  

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