Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Surprises...

I had a really lovely time creating all my special surprises for Kristie and I had a lovely surprise when I got my gifts from my swap partner, Suzy.  I was very spoiled and love everything that I got.

For my Easter gifts I got this cute little chicken and chocolate bunny.

And my handmade gift was this basket full of hand made hearts.

These are beautiful because each one is embellished in a different way.

And my other gift was a card making kit.  I rarely make cards etc. these days because I just don't have the supplies anymore so these card kits are the way of the future for me.

And as an extra surprise one of my friends gave me this gorgeous little owl for my birthday.  He is so cute and his legs are springs so he bounces. Love. 

Happy Sunday!

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