Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reindeer Food...

Every year we have a few standard activities in our advent calendar with one of them always being reindeer food.  We make it for ourselves and for all our friends' kids too.  This year was no different so I thought I would share the process in case anyone out there would like to make it with their kids before Christmas.

It really is super easy.  All you need is something to put the food in when finished (we used cellophane bags), rolled oats, glitter and curling ribbon or something else to seal your package up.  

Just combine the oats and glitter and then bag it up. For the labels I simply googled reindeer food labels and found these, I am really sorry but I have no idea where from, I just have them saved as a document.  I printed them off, backed them with card, punched a hole in the corner and attached them with the curling ribbon.

When they are ready all you do is follow the instructions on the label (they should all say the same thing) and sprinkle it all over the grass outside for Santa's reindeer to eat while he is busy with the presents. The kids always love sprinkling the reindeer food on Christmas Eve and it is natural and not harmful to wildlife etc.

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