Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lolly Tree

When I write the activities for my advent calendar each year I try to keep them interesting for the kids but simple enough that it doesn't turn into a huge mission to accomplish them.  In years past I have stayed away from this one but this year I thought we would give it a go and it went really well.  The photos are terrible so bare with me.  

This is our lolly tree.  Perfect for Christmas and having on the table for little nibbles.

So, basically this is how you do it.

You need

  • a polystyrene cone
  • wrapped lollies (we used Minties, Sherbies, Redskins and Milkos)
  • green cellophane
  • pins 
The process is simply that you cut your cellophane into rectangle shapes large enough to wrap your lolly in with some excess at the top for pinning onto the polystyrene cone.  Then wrap each lolly in the cellophane and starting at the bottom and working your way around and then up and up pin each wrapped lolly into the cone.  We left the top of ours just green as the cellophane gathers at the top but anything on the top would work.  We also added a few curls with curling ribbon to fill in a couple of gaps.  Now it sits on the table ready for anyone to start picking the lollies off and enjoying them.  

A quick and easy activity that the kids can do with little help.  And you can keep the cone and pins ready to use again next year.  

And I thought I would share those two other gifts that I said I loved so much from work.

The first one is a banana knitted by one of our little preppies.

And the other a sweet birdie that sits on my half wall alongside Emma's dancing photo.

So nice...

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