Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hand Sewn Goodness...

Being a hand made kind of girl I really love gifts that are made by someone.   I just wanted to share one today, one from a child in my class, one I really love.

A new notebook with hand sewn cover.  I love notebooks, I like to make lists so I am constantly writing things down.  It will get very good use in my hands.  

And I have madly been sewing these little cuties as they have been my little hand sewn gift for people like dancing and scout teachers and parent helpers at school etc.  

Ill be back later to share another gorgeous hand made gift from school that I love (and one that is not hand made but I still love anyway).

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  1. I love the book cover Deb!! So lucky, for such a fab teacher you deserve it! I also love your little owls, I was actually looking at those on Melissa G's blog thinking about making them! Super cute! Well done!!!
    Kristie. :)


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