Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Christmas Tradition

I'm always looking for new ideas and traditions for us to follow at Christmas time.  While I was reading Ali Edwards blog (link on sidebar under blogs I read) this week she mentioned a tradition which I really like the sound of.  It is simply that you wrap up 24 Christmas books and place them in a basket or something alike and the kids pick one out each day leading up to Christmas to read.  I do sort of do this via my advent calendar during December but this is a separate thing to do.  

So, in thinking about that I counted up all our Christmas books (thinking that it is almost impossible to have 24 about Christmas) and found that we actually have 19 already.  I am pretty sure another 5 won't be hard to come across.  

When I am done I'll show you our stack of books, this is something I know the kids will love, especially Emma who just loves books. 

And now I start thinking about our advent calendar and what we will fill our pockets with this year...any ideas?  I usually use a mixture of treats (such as chocolates, lollies etc.), activities and little presents (like new books etc).  I'll share some of my past ideas soon.

It's beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas!

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