Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I know I have been missing in action for a little while, I just haven't had my mojo for the last few weeks and therefore I have had nothing to blog about, but I am back and with Christmas etc just around the corner I am getting my backside into gear so I can be organised.

A few things happened while I was gone so I will share over the next couple of posts...

First of all, a big day in our house was Emma's dance exams.  She is new to dancing this year so we were nervous but she did a great job and had a great time too.

She was so cute in her dance get up.

We have also welcomed two new feathery friends into our house, meet Ozzy (blue) and Fluero (yellow).  They are lovely to have around they get all around their cage and are always giving one another a kiss.  Having birds at the house sounds really nice too, their song is refreshing.

I won't be gone so long next time....I hope.

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  1. Glad you are back blogging Deb! I've missed it. I look forward to more soon!! Kristie :)


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