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Cornwall is the most gorgeous place, it amazed me that there was rich farmland and then right next to it the ocean.  Just something we don't see.  The week we spent there was freezing cold, I am not exaggerating either.  It was about 15 degrees on most days and rainy and windy.  We just didn't pack clothing for that weather (seeing as though it was summer!) so we felt the cold while we were there. It was beautiful though and I would love to go back one day.  So I've split my Cornwall week into two posts so they are not so heavy on the reading and picture viewing.

This is where we stayed, the view from the back door.  You can see the ocean.

We visited a Cornish Cider farm on one day, needless to say it was freezing cold but we learned a bit and had a good time tasting all the cider etc. This is what it looked like with all those old buildings made out of stone.

A self portrait (where would we be without them!)

It wouldn't be a cider farm without apples.

 How Emma could eat ice cream I don't know, it was way too cold for ice cream!

A must do in Cornwall is cream tea and we did not miss out.  I couldn't possibly finish mine, it was divine though. 

We had a tractor ride around and saw lots of gorgeous countryside.

On another day we went to a place called The Eden Project.  Those huge things in the background are biomes and they house all different plants etc I suppose you would say.  We went in the first one which was Mediterranean.  There were olive groves, gorgeous flowers etc etc.  They really are huge!  The second one was a rainforest with the canopy 50m high. 

This was the eatery. It is all organic and you see them make your food right there and then you get what you want and eat and pay on the way out.

This is called the seed of the project, it is a huge granite egg with little bumps all over it, it was amazing to see how this was made.

We stayed near a place called Bude which is where the beach was.

I wasn't tempted to swim.

This is a pub which seems to be very close to losing itself to the ocean.

Just down the road from our cottage was Sandymouth Beach.  It was a gorgeous spot.

These photos are from a place called Lands End.  It's the most southern point (I think) of England.  It was blowing a gale this day and I was frozen but it was good to see.

After leaving Lands End we drove to St Michael's Mount.  A really pretty church/museum on a little island.  You walk there from the mainland but before we headed off we stopped for some hot chocolate to warm up.

At this cute little cafe.

This is St Michael's Mount from the mainland.

And when you get there.

You have to walk across a narrow footpath but when the tide comes in the path gets covered in water and you can't get across anymore.  You can see the path being covered by water behind Nathan.  When we got there the path was clear, we had our hot chocolate and started walking only to get nice wet feet and by the time we took this picture the water was up to your knees, you can actually see people trying to get across.  The tide comes in really really quickly.


If you are wondering how we got back to the mainland, we caught a little boat that takes you back and forth when the tide is in.

Thanks for sticking with me while I relive my holiday through blogging!  I have a giveaway coming soon (as soon as I photograph it).  I collected some little things on my travels and have put together a little giveaway prize... I'll be back with details later in the week.

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  1. So, so, so jealous! The countryside looks amazing. Keep the photos coming!


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