Friday, June 17, 2011

New raincoat for Emma

Last year I thought I would be brave and buy a pattern (from my very favourite fabric designer, Amy Butler) to make Emma a raincoat.  So I got the pattern, got the laminated fabric and then it all looked too hard so it sat on the shelf...until I asked Nonna if she would make it for Emma.  She did make it for Emma, she did an excellent job and now Em has this lovely one of a kind raincoat hanging in her cupboard.  I just have to finish it off with some self covered buttons.

Look how cute the little ruffled pockets are.

We love the coat!  Emma has actually been wearing the coat around the house.  It must be pretty comfy with the fabric lining.

I also decided that I needed to sew up a  quick new camera strap before I head off.  I thought that I would make one that is padded because my camera gets really heavy on your neck after a while.  So I ended up with this...out of my favourite fabric right now.  Amy Butler of course!

I have also made myself a wrap skirt using this fabric and denim and I will share it as soon as I take a photo, the trouble is it's just been too cold!

Have a great weekend everyone, I'm aiming to get my packing done, well at least get the clothes out of cupboards and drawers and into piles ready to pack.  Wonder how I'll go?

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  1. lovely, I love the rain coat and the camera inspired me to get a camera strap done for my trip in August.


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