Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Here I go...

I was really really excited (and nervous and scared) last night when I got a message saying that I had won a competition on Facebook.  

It was for a personal trainer for a month!  That's right people a month, three times a week with diet monitoring, fitness plan etc etc.  That is a huge prize, hence my happiness.

So today I went along and saw Tammy for the first time and had my first session.  It didn't feel great, I felt sick and shaky but after coming home and having a green tea and little sit down I felt better.  Although I have to say that my arms feel like they might drop off any time!

I'm all set to meet the goals I have set before I head off on holidays in just over 3 weeks time.  I have Tammy to report to for my progress and I thought if I blog about it too, it is more incentive to achieve well, so be prepared for some posts about this.

If you would like a personal trainer who focuses on women and is lovely, but firm in helping you reach your goals, check out Fitness for Her on Facebook.

Thank you Tammy for giving me the opportunity to get fit and in shape.

I am off to buy some food for my new daily regime now...I am wondering if I will be able to walk tomorrow???

Enjoy the rest of your day

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