Monday, March 7, 2011

Random things...

Yesterday Emma went along to a workshop for her dancing class.  They had Rebecca Mitchell come and teach them.  She is a professional dancer with the Rockettes in New York.  She had a great time and learned a new routine.  I thought I would share some photos.

I also have made one bunting ready for my Margaret's Child shop and the markets.  It's for boys.  It will cost $25.  It has 11 triangles and it measures nearly 2.5 metres in triangles and just under 3 metres from end to end (of string).  The photo is dodgy the weather has been too rainy and windy to take it outside to photograph.

I also made an iPhone pouch from Janelle Wind's book, Pieces of Me.  It is really cute.  I actually made it a bit smaller to fit my Nokia phone so now that I have my iPhone it doesn't fit!  It does fit an iPhone without a cover on it but mine has a plastic cover and is now too big to fit. If you would like it, then leave a comment telling me so and I will randomly pick someone to get it or if you are the only person who leaves a comment, it will be you. 

And to finish off today, I just had to share photos of my new shoes from last post...

And, my new bag, ready for my overseas holiday.  The reason I love this bag for travelling is because of all the separate compartments so I don't have to dig through everything to find what I want and it is not a huge bag that I have to cart around.

Happy Monday


  1. I have been wanting Janelle's book for the longest time because of this gorgeous phone pouch! I probably wouldn't have time to sew one anyway so thanks for the chance to win!

  2. As you know, I am a hand-me-down girl and hence I still have a hand-me-down phone that would fit that lovely trimmed down phone pouch!(Even though I would love an iphone, ipad etc etc). That book looks delightful and I am envious! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity Deb, Tanya W

  3. Ooooo! Pretty, pretty phone pouch. Yes please.

    And I love your new bag - how cool are all those zips.



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