Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A nice day...

Today is my birthday.  Thanks everyone for your lovely kind birthday wishes.  I've had a really great day.

Emma and I spent the day together (yes, she had the day off school which is very naughty I know).  We went to DFO shopping.  We had a great time.  With birthday money I got the Lorna Jane pants I have wanted for ages and some more Esprit and some Colorado winter shoes and of course some goodies from my favourite shop, Typo.  That made me happy.

When we got home there were a pile of presents from Anthony (I know, shock horror).  They were delightful and Anthony thought they were hilarious, in fact we both had a bit of a laugh when I opened a large bag of car sponges (perfect for washing big trucks with).  Lucky for him there was a Pandora charm in there too.  Then I opened a pasta machine (obviously he is planning on making me pasta) and a new set of scales (so he can measure how thin he is).  And, he couldn't let the day go by without a few scratchies (which he offered to keep for himself if I didn't want them).

Now we are going to have Indian take away for dinner and cake.  Emma has told me that I can pick the cake but if it's one she doesn't like we'll have to change it!  Love her!

I hope everyone has a great evening, I know I will!

Nearly forgot:  That is terrible, I was so busy going on all about me that I forgot to say that Nathan went to the fracture clinic today.  They were told that his broken hand is not that bad, that it is a fracture and he only needs his 1/2 plaster on for 3 weeks and we can then take it off ourselves and carry on as normal.  Some very good news.


  1. Happy Birthday Deb! Sounds like you are having a good one. Great news about Nathan's hand - was going to offer advice if needed once cast off but sounds like that won't be necessary. Enjoy the remains of your day, Tanya

  2. Happy birthday Deb, glad you had a great day- you deservr it!
    See you soon


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