Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A great afternoon...

Sorry about my posting, my computer is playing up, constantly freezing up on me and driving me insane!!!

Anyway, yesterday was so hot and it was my day off so before I picked the kids up from school I packed the bags and we headed to the beach for an afternoon swim.  The kids had an absolute ball.  It has been so long since we've been to the beach.  They swam, rode their boogie boards, built sand castles and ran around like crazy chooks...no one wanted to come home... 

I can't wait for more hot afternoons so we can do it again!

I haven't been sewing for a week or so, my sewing machine was so full of fluff and dust that it was making terrible noises so I unscrewed it all and gave it a good clean out.  When I used it again the other day for a quick fix it up job it was sooo quiet. 

I did manage to complete a project that has been sitting in my studio for ages and ages.  I bought a wooden frame in the op shop last year and painted it up with new paint.  It didn't come with glass or backing so when I got some new fabric that I loved I covered some cardboard (an old Lego box) with wadding and the fabric and then hot glue gunned it to the frame.  It now hangs in my hallway.  I love the quirky owls...and I love that you can hang it any way you like to suit the space. 

I was also super excited last week when I managed to buy 3 things that I had wanted and all on clearance!  I just love that.  I got some hot pink heels to wear with my little black dress (also a clearance item for $14).  I found an Esprit bag that I have wanted for ages at half price AND I saw the handbag that has been on my mind for weeks for almost 1/2 price too!  You have to love that...now I need to stay away from the shops for a while incase I find more bargains I feel I need to buy.

Thought I should catch up on a lot while the computer is being friendly.  I am hoping to be back tomorrow with some newly sewn bunting...enjoy the rest of Tuesday!


  1. Always love reading your posts. Which beach did you go to? looks like you ad the kids had a great time. Some thing I might plan for tomorrow.

  2. Thanks Mary Jane I really appreciate hearing that someone reads my posts. We just went to Bribie surf side and it was lovely...I highly recommend it! Hopefully we can catch up when soccer starts.

  3. I love this idea! Some fabrics just deserve to be on display don't they! x


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