Sunday, March 13, 2011

Emma's Journal and other stuff...

I am happy to say that I did finish Emma's journal over the last few days, I was really unhappy with my stitching on the E to begin and I actually unpicked it 3 times before I just gave in to my imperfection with hand stitching.  Now that I have looked at it a few times I actually do like it, I like that it is not perfect after all.  The flower gives it a nice touch too.  I really hope Emma loves her travel journal as much as she did on our last holiday and fills it with great memories of her holiday (as a 6 year old).

I also thought I would share this cute picture. Toni made me a CD case calendar for Christmas full of owl pictures and this months was so cute I thought I would share.

I'll be back tomorrow to announce who gets my mobile phone pouch and share my new one.  If you want to be in the draw you have until Monday afternoon.

Happy Monday...

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  1. I really like the journal cover. I think it looks great!


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