Sunday, February 6, 2011

Organising and Learning New Things...

Many would know that I am in the middle of planning a really big holiday for us (my family) for the middle of the year.  I LOVE to travel and I LOVE to organise so I am really in my element.  Hence, I have not been crafting much this week, I have been focused on booking hotels, train trips, travel cards etc etc.  It makes me super excited about the really great things we are going to get to do and the places we are going to see and I love doing all that stuff but it does mean nothing crafty to share.  I am definitely sewing this week so that will come.

On the other hand, for ages and ages I have been busting to know how to crochet.  I have tried to teach myself using books and how to cards that I have bought and I have tried utube too but I just can not do it!  BUT, today I sat down AGAIN, and persevered and now I can say that I know how to hold my wool (although I do drop it a lot) and I can do a chain stitch that is very uneven but none the less it is a chain stitch.  I think I can do a double crochet stitch too, although I have seen 2 ways to do it so that has confused me a bit.  I am determined to do it, I wonder how long it will take me before I actually can make something?  I hope it is soon, I really hate it when I can't do something...

Oh, and I know I didn't come back with Australia Day photos...because they were terrible!  So here is one that I did like that I thought I would share.

Have a great week!

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