Sunday, January 30, 2011

This and That...

I'm still here, I know I've been slack with my blog updating of late.  As many know work has started back and teaching preppies at the start of the year is just busy and absolutely exhausting!

I have been sewing to get ready for our next market, we want to give our stall a bit of a new look and we want to have lots of stock.  So I have been sewing lots and lots of pencil rolls (I sewed about 8 for myself and then got an order for 10 more!)

These are the ones that I have made for the stall (minus the blue one on top which is sold)

And I have been making these little bundles of 4 fabric coasters.  They are so cute and are a new addition to my stall.  I've also got new coin purses made up and ready to go.

I'll be back with our Australia day photos tomorrow, the kids had a great afternoon in Gianna's pool.


  1. I love the crayon rolls! They are such a handy thing to have on road trips and at restaurants while you wait for food. Best of luck at your upcoming show. Can't wait to see pics of your set up!

  2. I love the pencil rolls too. Sounds like your stall is going to be great!! I went to the South Bank markets on the weekend and was fairly disappointed.


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